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At A Fiercely Kind Word, I work with you if you’re a writer ready to commit to writing your stories. You’re done with talking about your stories, researching your stories, and imagining your National Book Award acceptance speech.

You’re ready to write your stories.

I’ve put together packages to serve writers at different stations either of the writing journey or of their career, but if you just want to ask a few questions about anything related to writing, or need one-time feedback on a piece, contact me. We’ll figure out how I can support and enliven your writing life.

Got a bunch of ideas and scraps of paper with scribbled ideas?
Check out the From Curious to Creating options.

If you’ve organized the scribbles and have a semblance of a completed draft, see how From Messy Middle to Craft package could serve you.

And if you’re ready for final revisions of a manuscript, From Finish to Polish may be your best bet.

Let’s get started.

Review the three options.

Complete this form and send me up to 500 words of your writing.

If you’ve got a specific piece you want to work with me on, please show me words from your current draft.

I’ll follow up with next steps.

“They may forget what you said — but they will never forget how you made them feel.”

– Carl W. Buehner

LEVEL 1: FLEDGLING – From Curious to Creating

So you have jottings and notes and musings for an essay, personal narrative, or fictional short story, and you’re ready to organize them and write the story. Yay!

You’re ready to articulate writing goals and willing to receive and act on guidance to help you reach them.

Here’s what we’ll do: We’ll identify your goals, your writer’s oasis, and a story structure that holds your ideas for you to begin writing into. I’ll check in with you weekly via A Fiercely Kind Word email that includes customized writing inspiration, answers any questions you’ve had during the week, and share writing advice from my own experiences and from teachers who helped me when I was starting out. You have a kind guide.


With this package, I’ll help you identify the framework for your writing life and the framework for a piece of writing. I dedicate three months of fierce, kind support to determining how to support the emergence of your beautiful writing life.

We Will

Identify why you want to write and develop your writer’s touchstone credo.
Identify elements of your ideal writing practice.
Name the writing devils who conspire against you—and play with strategies to distract them while you write.
Identify what you’ll need to sustain your writing practice.
Learn ways to start organizing your existing material, and keep track of new material.
Learn best writing process and practice methods from masters.
Draft a complete story (up to 2,000 words).


Three 60-minute monthly video or phone meetings.
Three in-depth responses (not edits) on drafts up to 2,000 words, between our video/phone meetings
  • Weekly customized Fiercely Kind Word emails & support.
A customized Fiercely Kind Word welcome package in the mail.

This three-month package can be extended to six months, with phone calls occurring bi-monthly instead of monthly.

If you’re not sure if this is right for you, complete this form and submit a writing sample. >>> I’ll follow up with next steps.

LEVEL 2: THE BUILDER – From Messy Middle to Craft

Writers are people who write. You are a writer. But you sense your stories would benefit from a broader repertoire of practices, and you’re not so sure about how to go about rewriting.

I’ll work with you to suss out how A Fiercely Kind Word can support you most effectively. Our aim will be to provide you a Writer’s Map that introduces you to a range of tools and strategies to help you move your writing forward as directly as the crow flies–by working with one specific piece of writing (up to 5,000 words).


In this package, I help you build on your existing writer’s strengths, providing you with customized writing exercises and helping you gain confidence with your own discernment “wings” for sustaining your writing life. I’m committed to giving you three months of fierce, kind support for the beautiful story you have to tell.

We will create your custom As-the-Crow-Flies Writer’s Map, with:

  • Your current goals for your story.

At least three craft exercises customized to maximize your writing strengths and address your challenges.
  • At least three revision strategies–and how to choose when to use different revision strategies.
  • How to find and/or create your own craft exercises and revision strategies.


Up to four 60-minute video or phone meetings, scheduled to meet your needs.
Two in-depth Kind Word manuscript responses (can be on two different stories, or two sequential revisions of the same story).
Weekly customized Fiercely Kind Word emails & support.
A customized Fiercely Kind Word welcome package in the mail.
A Writer’s Map for one your stories.

If you’re not if this is right for you, complete this form and share up to 500 words of the piece of writing you’d want to work on. >>> I’ll follow up with next steps.

LEVEL  3: FLYING – From Finish to Polish

Your manuscript is nearly completed! (At least you think it is. You hope it is.)

Congratulations! But the final push feels like it might kill you and you find yourself dabbling with new ideas instead of revising, or binge-watching Netflix instead of researching lit mags or agents. And maybe, just maybe, you fear the big R-word – rejection. Ugh.

It is hard to take the final steps with a piece of writing, to cross the finish line. Even though you have much of the writing process down, you could use a little accountability, some fresh, kind, thoughtful perspective on your manuscript, and yes, someone cheering you on.


I’ll work with you to suss out how A Fiercely Kind Word can support you through the last, intense stage of finishing a story. Together, we will create a Writer’s Atlas for your specific needs, with a map for your current manuscript, and a plan for the next stage of your writing life. This is three months of focused devotion to helping your beautiful story soar with fierce kindness.

Your customized Writer’s Atlas will:

Identify the three distractions that are between you and your completed story.
  • Engage you in an iterative discernment process to provide you with at least three strategies to manage your distractions with kindness, specific to your current writing life, and generalizable for the future.
  • Create a reality-based timeline, complete with alternate routes!, for completing your story.
Identify at least five writing techniques designed to polish your story.
  • Provide at least three strategies for submitting your story or work for publication, if that’s your goal.
  • Include a plan for the next leg of your writing life journey.


Up to five 60-minute video or phone meetings.
Two in-depth Fiercely Kind Word responses to manuscripts up to 10K words  (can be on two different stories, or two sequential revisions of the same story).
  • Kind accountability tracking.
Weekly customized Fiercely Kind Word emails & support.
A customized Fiercely Kind Word welcome package in the mail, plus supportive surprises.

Complete this form and submit up to 500 words from a story you want to complete. >>> I’ll follow up with next steps.


I want my clients to leave each interaction with me feeling as if they want to go write and write deeply and that they have the capacity to do so. I believe those people who are ready to ask for help already have the answers within themselves and I believe we often need the right support to learn that we have the answers inside us. I help people like you awaken your inner writer and honor yourself as a writer.

If you’re curious about why I started A Fiercely Kind Word, check out the story here.

And if you’re curious about our wide-eyed mission at A Fiercely Kind Word, read our Manifesto and stay updated on The Hatch, our near-future community of committed and conscientious writers like you.

A FIERCELY KIND WORD delivers delight to a community of committed and conscientious writers who value craft and the iron-willed power of kindness.

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