Discard doubt and pick up your pen.
The world needs your words.

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Writing Coach

Agent of Fiercely Kind Words

In this chaotic world, a kind word is a rebellious tremor.

We can make weapons of our words. Rhetorical bombs. Critical drone-rants. Argumentative hand grenades.

Or we can witness the world’s terrible beauty with our words. We can extend our stories across the dark divide.

Writers — all of us who must write — know this.

A KIND WORD dissolves doubt and nudges the fledgling writer to test her wings.

A KIND WORD restores the writer who needs an updated story map and a good cup of coffee before they continue their journey.

A KIND WORD quiets anxiety and guides the writer stuck in a tough project toward its completion.

A FIERCELY KIND WORD delivers delight to a community of committed and conscientious writers who value craft
and the iron-willed power of kindness.

All in surprising packages.


Shape Your Ideas
Into Stories.

Feeling stuck?
Get 5 Fiercely Kind Word Prompts to start shaping your ideas into stories.

A Fiercely Kind
Word Coaching

3 levels of engagement
to help you awaken your inner writer and honor yourself as a writer.